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Dr. Karrie has the unique ability to help you and your family find the best strategy for making healthy eating a life style. Not only has she studied and worked in the field of nutrition for many years, she also prepares 20 home meals for her family every week and has helped many other families do the same.

The key to Dr. Heneman’s dietary advice is moderation, focusing on eating foods with dietary value most of the time, and truly savoring “sometimes foods” regularly.

She will help you to make family meals a priority in your household. Her recipes are not fancy, but quick, practical, nutrious, and delicious.


About Dr. Karrie…

Qualified Nutritionist

My name is Karrie Heneman. I am a mom of four, one girl and three boys. I am also a fourth child of four, so big families are in my blood. My father’s parents both immigrated to the United States from Italy, which makes me half Italian.

I live in a house that is extremely clean (I am a type A personality), but also very loud. At any given time, someone may be receiving a body slam or be stuck in a headlock.

I have a Phd in nutrition. I received my undergraduate education at Stanford (where I was recruited for the varsity sailing team as dead weight for a two person sailing team) and completed my PhD and a Post Doc at the University of California, Davis.

At Davis I also learned how to deep fry a turkey and volunteered weekly at a local food coop doing cooking demonstrations. After graduate school, I taught nutrition to moms participating in the food stamps education program before I had children of my own. I encouraged them to buy a whole chicken and use it to make soup.

Now that I have four kids of my own, I still have yet to make soup from a whole chicken, but I continue to help moms feed their families nutritiously and cost effectively.

I also encourage moms to bribe their kids with food occasionally, even though this is not recommended by other nutritionists…An M&M or two can seriously encourage a toddler to get their shoes on in the morning!

I love to read, swim, and run. I am up every morning before 5am as I love to sit and drink coffee while the house is quiet. I also tend to fall asleep on the couch before 8 pm.

I believe in kindness, community, and inclusion. I am the one who cannot leave an elevator without making a new friend. I also believe that healthy eating is a way of life. I do not believe in quick fixes, fad diets, or expensive supplements. I believe in consuming as many fruits and vegetables as often as possible and eating chocolate everyday.

Truffles and brownies are my favorite, but in a pinch, a hershey’s bar will do. The key to my dietary advice is moderation, focusing on eating foods with dietary value most of the time, and truly savoring “sometime foods” regularly.

Family meals are a priority for the six Henemans. My kids and I enjoy preparing healthy meals together. When a holiday meal is expected, we cook the meal together and then enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our meals are not fancy, but nutritious, and all six of us look forward to sitting down together at the table. Come eat with us!

How is Dr. Heneman’s nutrition advice different from others?

Dr. Karrie Heneman is uniquely qualified to give non-medical nutrition advice. She has a PhD in nutrition, makes 20 meals for her family of 6 every week, and has years of experience in the field of food, nutrition, and raising healthy eaters.

My family is picky. Will they eat the foods Dr. Heneman recommends?

Dr. Heneman has four unique kids with different palates. She is familiar with picky eaters (not only personally, but professionally) and her recipes and advice are enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Does Dr. Heneman recommend purchasing designer supplements or products?

No. Dr. Heneman cooks with whole foods and easy to find products that nourish your family, from the inside out.

Why Dr. Heneman?

Food & Nutrition Programs

Dr. Heneman is passionate, fun, and a mom of four! This means she lives in the real world with her kids and her expert recommendations are perfect for families and working parents. This perspective is unique in the health and wellness arena and is one that can be trusted.

Custom Plans

Dr. Heneman works with families to create a meal strategy that is perfectly suited to their unique needs.

Practical Information

Dr. Heneman’s food recommendations do not require unique or hard to find ingredients. She also never “food shames” you for using premade ingredients. She helps you to make better and more informed convenience choices.

“Karrie is such an incredible resource for families!! As a mom herself, she understands the dynamics of wanting to provide healthy meals for everyone while juggling a busy schedule and picky eaters!

She has so many great tips and recipes to share that make healthy meals feel easy and accessible to everyone.

Karrie is also just a super kind and positive person and if you work with her directly, you will feel completely supported and encouraged on your nutrition journey. She really is the best and the only regret you’ll have is not working with Karrie sooner!!”

Gretchen Treffiletti

Mom of 3 active boys

“Karrie provided an experienced, fellow mom approach to nutrition that I truly appreciated. She brainstormed meal and snack options, including brands we’d never tried, all while taking into account my family’s dietary restrictions, allergies and nutrition requirements.

I was in a meal rut and she definitely breathed inspiration into my lunchbox, school snacks (during and after) and dinners. Karrie came prepared with my own family cookbook! And she even reviewed my pantry to see about healthy alternatives, what to keep, and what to not purchase again. Great new nutrition practices and habits! Thank you, Karrie!”

Christina Heil

Work With Dr. Karrie…

I can work with you in a number of ways to help you nourish your self and your family. This includes…

One to One Consulting

Corporate Wellness Talks

Nutrition Education for Schools